TERMIZOL 10 Insulation System


The insulation system is produced in the 6 m length 100 mm width. It is suitable for external insulation mainly of prefabricated buildings, industrial halls, family houses. Thanks to different color versions and various kinds of cladding, it increases aesthetic requirements for the use in interiors (hospitals, stores, industrial operations, flat interiors etc.).


  • good insulating material (also without an additional insulation it proves to have the same thermal resistance as an about 20 cm thick wall)
  • requires no additional coating or special treatments
  • easy mounting, easy processing (without special tools)
  • sound insulator
  • complies with respective sanitary and fire protection standards, the system is certified


Thermal resistance R = 0,241 m2 /kW1 as per ČSN
Overall heat transfer coefficient: k = 2,44 Wm-2k-1 as per ČSN
Thermal conductivity of the siding: lambda = 0,071 Wm-1k-1
Sound-transmission loss of the siding + Orsil tl. 50 mm: Rw = 29 dB as per ISO
Inflammability: grade B – inflammable with difficulties
Index of flame spread: is = 0,00 mm . min.-1
Weight: ca 4,2 kg/m2
Length of the delivered siding: max. 6 m


Illustrative photo



The basic element of the system is a siding made of foamed PVC with a hard superficial layer (main profile – PH)

Type Price CZK/m2 *
white siding – premier quality .00
white siding – second best quality .00
decorating in color .00

* indicated prices are without VAT amounting to 19%

Fixing Profiles

The Mode of Profile Application

  1. The base is a grid of wooden slats (2) fixed to the insulated wall (1) (the distance of grid slats is max. 500 mm). Thermally insulated boards are inserted into the grid (3). The groove of one siding is inserted into the tongue of another siding fixed to the grid with nails (see the detail A). In case of internal application, sidings (4) can be cladded with an arbitrary inclination.
  2. The use of the PPR auxiliary profile for the angle ending.
  3. Joining of sidings by means of the PPS joining profile.
  4. Siding ending with the PPB profile
pps ppr ppb
ppa ppo

* indicated prices are without VAT amounting to 19%

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