Protective foils

The PV Plast spol. s. r.o. also offers protective foils for plastic and metal profiles. It is a black/grey polyethylene foil with different weights of adhesive. The selected weight of adhesive depends on the adhesive strength. The higher weight of adhesive you select, the greater is the stickiness. Selecting the foil is depended on the surface which will be applied. It is better to try the foil on some sample at the first time and then after your evaluation of this application, adhesion of the foil and its seamless removal after the finish of the protective function. The suitability of some kind of the foil appropriates to try and also according to thermal requirement of use. The choice of the thickness of a foil is the choice of a level in mechanical endurance.

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Protective foils we offer in this type

typ B: thickness 100 microns and stickiness 8 gr. / m2

typ C: thickness 100 microns and stickiness 10 gr. / m2

typ D: thickness 70 microns and stickiness 7 gr. / m2

Build: predominantly 500 bm

Roll width: 1500 bm

Price on request:, Tel. +420 734 424 376 We are able to cut the foil according to indications of the customer´s wishes in various of widths from 20 mm on special cutting machine.

Use: These foils are used as a protection of plastic and metal profiles or against damage during storage and mounting. After profile mounting, it is necessary to remove the foil from the profile within 1 month at the latest.

Storage: Foils shall be stored at a dry place with a low humidity and shall not be exposed to the direct solar radiation

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