Profile Covering

polepovaci linka Covering of profiles is carried out continuously on a special machine with the use of a prescribed technological process. First a glue layer is applied to both the profile and RENOLIT foils which partly interferes with the PVC. After the foil has been pre-dried, it is stuck to the profile with the use of a very strong pressure. In this way, a perfect attachment of the basic profile and the polyvinyl chloride foil pad is reached. The joint is very firm and lasting. Foils cannot be perfectly attached only to edges of profile bars, that is why in must be taken into account that it will be necessary to cut off approximately 2 cm from each edge of the profile bar.

polepovaci linka

General Terms for Profile Covering

  • the profile shape destined for covering must be approved in advance
  • delivered profiles must not be damaged, greasy or otherwise dirty
  • at least 12 m of each profile type must be delivered
  • the delivery term for the basic offer of foils is usually 7 days from a bounding order (contract) placement (stipulation)

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