Internal plastic windowsills


Manufactoring lenght: 6 000 mm
Width: from 100 to 600 mm, cut according to indications in the order
Thickness: 20 mm
Length: cut according to indications in the order

Basic design:
white, marble, golden oak, light beech, mahogany

Additional designs:
nussbaum, silver, anthrazit


The internal plastic windowsills are produced by brand VITRAGE of the extrusion of PVC in 6 meters length and width from 150 to 600 mm. It is the most used windowsills on a market, which is also favorite for their easy maintenance and mounting. The surface (windowsills branded VITRAGE) is covered by special decorative PVC foils, which makes the windowsills elegant and it gives also pleasurant handfeelings for touch. It resistants against the mechanical damages, waterproofness. Windowsills with internal vertical ribs is designed for resistence against the routine strains (preasure, impact,..(. For manipulation and mounting is the surface protected by protective foil, what must be removed after the mounting. Windowsills are equiped with a plastic lateral cover.


  • thermal resistance
  • color stability
  • easy maintenance
  • easy mounting
  • waterproofness

Illustrative photo


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