(hereinafter referred to as the “Company“)

I. General Provisions
  1. The General Business Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Conditions”) constitute an integral part of the contractual relation established between Contracting Parties. Any change of such Conditions must be made in writing, if it be to the contrary such changes shall be declared null and void. Divergent agreements included in the Contract have priority over the wording of these General Business Conditions.
  2. Mutual relations between Contracting Parties shall be subject to provisions of the Commercial Code, if not otherwise indicated in the General Business Conditions.
  3. If Parties, during negotiations concerning a Contract stipulation, mutually provide each other with information indicated as confidential, the Party to whom such information was released must not disclose such information to a third party or to use them in contradiction with their purpose for its own use regardless if the Contract was stipulated or not. The Party which
Delivery Terms
  1. 1. The Buyer is obligated to send the order to the Company’s e-mail address (in case of an electronic order) or to Company’s address. The order must contain the following information:
    • a. name and surname in case of a natural person or the company name in case that the Buyer is a company,
    • b. in case of a natural person the place of residence and the registered office, if different from the place of residence, in case of a juridical person the registered office of the Buyer,
    • delivery and invoice addresses, if different from the above mentioned,
    • Tax Code and VAT Number of the Buyer,
    • type of goods and the quantity,
    • mark of the goods according to items indicated in the Company catalogue,
    • signature of the Buyer or the statutory body or the person authorized for common business connections on Buyer’s behalf, including the indication of this person’s name;
    • abstract of the Trade Register or the copy of the Trade Certificate, as the case may be, the certificate of the VAT payer registration in the annex to the order, if not presented to the Company before,
    • the Company is authorized to refuse an order which fails to comply with the prescribed data or to return such order to the customer for completion and provide the customer with an adequate term for doing so. The expiry of such term shall have the consequence that the order will be considered as if it had never been placed.
  2. An order has the validity of a draft contract. The delivery of goods carried out by the Company in accordance with the order constitutes the stipulation of a Purchase Contract in full extent. In case that the order issued by the Company as a written, electronic or other type of form, the Buyer shall order the goods by means of such form.
  3. The delivery of goods by the Company takes place in the moment of the handover of such goods to the Buyer. Partial fulfillment is admissible and the Buyer is not authorized to refuse it.
  4. The Object of Purchase are goods delivered by the Company. The Buyer shall carry out the selection of goods by means of an order according to the catalogue, offer or similar means issued by the Company for such purpose.
  5. If not otherwise stipulated, the goods shall be delivered only on the basis of Buyer’s order within 5 working days. The order shall be placed in writing, by fax or by means of data transfer in the INTERNET network. In case that an order is placed with the use of a different than a written form, the Company reserves the right not to provide the fulfillment without a subsequent confirmation made in writing.
  6. In case of goods the price of which does not exceed, individually or totally, the amount of CZK 25,000.00 without VAT within one delivery, the payment of the carriage and packing charges can be agreed individually. The Buyer shall confirm the acceptance of the goods to the Company's employee or to a representative of an authorized carrier or transport service (PPL, General Parcel, TOPTRANS), as the case may be, on the Delivery Note. The confirmation must include properly indicated name of the Buyer in accordance with generally binding regulations and the name and surname of the person who confirms such acceptance of goods.
  7. The Buyer shall take notice that the carrier is not obligated to verify the compliance of the data indicated in the confirmation with the data indicated in the abstract of the Trade Register or the Trade Licence. The Buyer shall be fully responsible for the observance of the indicated procedure and the correctness of specified data. At the same time, the Buyer is also fully responsible for the delivery of goods to the person authorized to accept such goods according to the above mentioned provisions. In case that later any doubts concerning the delivery arise because of an unclear or inaccurate indication of the Buyer in delivery documents, the delivery shall be considered as carried out properly and accepted by the Buyer.
  8. If the Buyer fails to inform the Company about a different address on which the delivery is to be delivered, the Place of Delivery shall be the Place of Destination indicated in the order by the Buyer. In case that more addresses were specified, the Company may carry out the delivery on any of such addresses, if the Place of Delivery is not expressly specified by the Buyer in the order. The same applies in case that even if the Place of Delivery was specified in the order, the delivery to such address proved to be impossible or very complicated.
  9. The Delivery Note shall constitute the delivery document according to the above mentioned provisions. A copy of a confirmed Delivery Note shall be enclosed to the invoice in the moment of invoicing.
  10. The Buyer shall acquire the property right for the goods in the moment of the payment of the full purchase price. In the moment of the acceptance of goods by the Buyer, the Buyer assumes the responsibility for accidental destruction, damage or loss of such goods.
  11. Returnable packaging material must be returned to the Company at Buyer’s costs within 14 days in usable conditions, if not otherwise agreed between the Company and the Buyer. Special packaging of goods (such as cardboard, boxes, crating etc.) can be used if, in Company’s opinion, it is necessary or desirable. In case of special packaging, the Company shall charge the packaging price in the amount of costs incurred for such packaging by the Company.
III. Price and Payment Terms
  1. The Purchase Price is specified in the Price List and is always indicated for the respective type of goods in the invoice. The Buyer has been informed about the Price List.
  2. The price shall be due on the date indicated in the invoice. If such date fails to be indicated in the invoice, the 14th day following the date on which the invoice was made (the date of taxable supplies) shall be considered as the maturity date.
  3. In case of the first order placed by a new Buyer, the Purchase Price shall be due, according to Company's decision, in the moment of the delivery of goods or on the basis of an advance invoice made in advance. In such case the delivery of goods shall be carried out after the Purchase Price indicated in the advance invoice has been settled.
  4. If the Buyer is in arrears with his payment of the Purchase Price for single deliveries, the Company is authorized to require the payment of the interest on overdue payment amounting to 0,1% of the amount due per day. In such case the goods shall remain in Company’s property until the full settlement of the invoice(s). If the delay of payment exceeds 30 days, the Company is authorized to withdraw from the Purchase Contract. The withdrawal from the Contract must be made in writing and shall become effective in the moment of its delivery to the Buyer. Also the moment in which a fax message or an electronic mail has been received by Buyer’s equipment shall be considered as the delivery.
  5. In such case, Parties shall be obligated to return to each other everything they obtained under this Contract. The return of goods instead of the settlement is possible only on request of the Company or on agreement with the Company and shall be carried out at Buyer’s own costs and risks.
  6. In case of another order of the Buyer, who is already in arrears with his payment of the invoiced Purchase Price according to Article 4, the fulfillment of such order shall be postponed until the full settlement of the Purchase Price.
IV. Sales Return
  1. The Buyer is obligated to send a notice of the acceptance of goods containing the company name and the name of the recipient of goods, the date of acceptance, the quantity, the number of the vehicle, the number of the Consignment Note and the Business Name of the carrier or the transport service to the Company within 24 hours following the delivery of goods to the Place of Destination.
  2. Furthermore, the Buyer is obligated to find out the condition of the goods and their quantity after the delivery of the goods to the Place of Destination. Quantity errors shall be claimed in writing within 48 hours following the goods delivery. The inspection of the correct quantity must be carried out with the participation of a carrier or transport service representative. The Buyer is obligated to claim quality defects detectable under the observance of the due professional care during the goods acceptance in writing within 48 hours following the delivery of the goods to the Place of Destination.
  3. 3. Other defects must be claimed immediately after they have been detected but no later than 10 days after the delivery of the goods to the Place of Destination.
  4. The Buyer is obligated to document the claim by the respective document so that the Company could lodge the claim of delivery defects properly with the foreign firm, with the carrier, the transport service, the insurance company or other person. Furthermore, the Buyer is obligated to present documents concerning hidden defects within 15 day following the date of lodging the claim, quantity errors must be always documented by the Consignment Note, Letter of Dispute, confirmation of the vehicle driver or by another record, as the case may be.
  5. 5. Claims shall be considered drawn timely if the defects were announced to the Company in set periods. The failure to keep such periods or the failure to support such claims with required documents shall result in the extinction of Buyer’s rights in consequence of fulfillment defects.
V. Final Provisions

These Condition shall become effective on the day of their signature by the person authorized for this purpose by the PV Plast spol. s r.o Company. In case that the Conditions are made public on the web page of the Company, such Conditions shall become effective on the day following the date of their

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