About the company:

Since 1997, PV Plast spol. s r.o. is a an all-Czech company specialized in the production of PVC for the building industry. In particular, it is focused on the extrusion and covering of both internal and external windowsills and the PVC profiles extrusion for the insulation of external facades of buildings. The main product was PVC internal windowsills in variety of widths and designs. The PV Plast company offers internal and external composite windowsills from PVC in a variety of widths and designs. The company produces the bottom profiles for window system with a certificate technic skills. The PV Plast currently is represented as the producer PVC windowsills by brand VITRAGE for Czech republic and Slovakia republic.

The company continues to offer a wide range of commercial internal and external windowsills, which we keep in stock with full service cutting, packing and distribution of this commodity according to customer requirements. The company continues to produce the underlying profiles on their own instruments through cooperation with contract manufacturing company that offers its customers. The company is also stable distributor of protective foils for production companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia including cutting services to the desired width.

The goal of the PV Plast spol. s r.o. company, which has a more than a ten-year experience and a strong position on both the Czech and the foreign market, is to offer products and services which would satisfy customers' requirements and that is why it is focused on keeping a good quality of products and on increasing of the level of services provided.

We apreciate our customers, that is why the satisfaction of our customer is important.

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